has never felt
so fast
Flow is a code-editor extension that brings the code you need directly to your editor
(Version 1.1 alpha) Supports Visual Studio 2010 or higher

Saves time

Flow increases development productivity
by 30% or more

Improves quality

Helps you choose the best code
using a unique code ranking algorithm

Simple to use

Flow automates the exhausting process
of searching sites like Stack Overflow
Simple navigation between results
Dive in to get more info about the code-snippet
Flow in Action
(Version 1.1 alpha) Supports Visual Studio 2010 or higher
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What is Flow?

Flow is a code-editor extension that lets you search for code snippets inside your editor in a fast and easy way.

How does it work?

Flow searches numerous websites (such as Stack Overflow and MSDN), choosing the best results by using a unique code-ranking algorithm we developed.

Why use Flow and not just Google-it?

After googling for a task such as "validating email" in Javascript, you often need to open a tab for each result, analyze it, examine the votes, review the comments, etc. Flow does all that for you and even eliminates the need for copy&paste by automatically pasting the best result into your editor.

Which languages Flow supports?

It supports any language you can use in Visual Studio. Even Javascript, Python, and PHP are supported. If you encounter a language that is not supported, please contact us and we will provide a solution.

I've downloaded Flow. How do I install it?

Installation is done by double-clicking the VSIX file. It should open the Visual Studio extension installer. Follow the instructions in the screen and you are good to go.

Where can I report a bug or ask a question?

Feel free to report a bug, ask a question, or give us a feedback in our forum:!forum/flow-extension