The power of the net inside your code editor

Flow is a code-editor extension that integrates the power of the internet into your editor, by helping you search for code-snippets and examples for any programming task.

Flow automates the process of browsing through Q&A sites (like StackOverflow) and reading exhausting online documentation

Download (currently disabled)
* Currently supports Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013

Step 1 of 3

Use the "//?" prefix and search for any code-snippet or answers to your question - in ANY programming language

Step 2 of 3

Navigate-through to pick the perfect answer to your search, feeded by the most popular Q&A programming sites like StackOverflow, MSDN, and more

Step 3 of 3

The exact code you were searching for is now pasted in the code editor. Fast, fun, and easy


Release notes

Since its initial release, Flow was available only as a BETA version.
Due to server costs etc., further downloads are currently disabled till the release
of the next, improved and revolutionary version of Flow. Sorry for the inconvenience.
If you or your company is interested in getting news about the upcoming full version,
please subscribe here. (No spam, no obligations)

Flow was and will be FREE for anyone.

Main Features

  • Supports any programming language
  • Provides instant code-snippets
  • Uses StackOverflow as its main source
  • Infinite code examples from various online sources
  • Currently supports Microsoft Visual Studio versions 2010 to 2013
  • Choses the best answers for your questions, as Flow contains a unique code-ranking algorithm, that uses also Flow's users' choices
  • Lightweight and easy to use

Why Flow

How Flow helps us programmers

Instant code-snippets

As programmers, we like it when life's easy. When we have a task that we don't know, or remember, how to implement, we want the code for doing it. and we want it FAST. With Flow, just describe the code you want, and it will appear in your editor instantly.

Answer to any programming-related question

It's not only about the code. Flow can give you answers to any programming-related question. Anything you can find on Q&A sites, you can find with Flow without the need of leaving your editor

No more exhausting documentation

How many times have we needed to read tons of documentation pages that contain a lot of irrelevant words and sentences, when all we needed is a simple example or a few lines of code? Flow does the dirty work for you, and picks the best straight-forward answers to your problem, and the shortest snippets online.

Maximum productivity

Instead of opening your browser, and wasting your time searching in StackOverflow, MSDN, etc... Just ask Flow within your IDE without needing to lose focus on what you were doing

Usage guide

  1. Type a Flow query-line inside your code document. The line should start with "//?" followed by space. For example,
    //? Encode string in base64
    • Flow will autocomplete your search using Google's suggestions
    • You can use tags in your search, that will influence the search inside some Q&A sites (like StackOverflow). Tags can be anywhere in your query, inside brackets: //? [jquery] [jquery-ui] DatePicker change date format
    • No need to specify the programming language you're searching for. Flow Will automatically detect the current language you are working on. For example, //? C# Encode string in base64
  2. Press the Flow key combination to search (Ctrl + Shift + M)

    Press only once and wait for Flow's engine to pick the best answer for your search
  3. The best-ranked answer/code-snippet is now pasted in the editor, just under your search query line.
    If it's not the code you were looking for, Choose different search results via the answer navigation window that now appears in your editor's top left.

    Use the left/right arrow keyboard keys to navigate through the answers,
    and the up/down arrow keyboard keys to navigate throught the questions
  4. Get more insight about the code/answer you chose by browsing the answer details ToolWindow at the bottom.
  5. To apply changes, press [Enter]. To cancel, press [Esc] or close the top-left window